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The Language Friendly School has inspired a publication for libraries called the Language Friendly Library. For several provinces in the Netherlands, Cubiss published this document to help libraries in drafting their own language friendly approach. Handvatten voor een Taalvriendelijke Bibliotheek [Tools for a Language Friendly Library] Blogpost by Barbara Walraven on Probiblio.

The first episode of the podcast Meertaligheid Plus [Multilingualism plus] focuses on multilingual opportunities in education. Co-founder Ellen-Rose Kambel of the Language Friendly School and vice-principal Dieneke Blikslager of one of the first Language Friendly Schools talk with host Femke Danse of Het ABC.

Lidy Peters, one of the driving forces behind De Dubbeldekker becoming a Language Friendly School, wrote a book about the school’s journey: Talen die de school in komen: De praktijk op een multidiverse basisschool [Languages that enter the school: practices at a multidiverse primary school].

  • Diversity inclusion: Inspiring examples and approaches in ECEC. One of the highlighted approaches is the Language Friendly School. Have a look at all the examples of Diversity+.
  • Leroy, L.M.R.; Phuc Le, Van; Boesman, W & Lenaerts, F. (2021) Talking With Children in Multilingual Preschools in Central Vietnam, Childhood Education, 97:4, 24-33, DOI: 10.1080/00094056.2021.1951544
  • Tips for an inclusive classroom in secondary education include the Language Friendly School in a blogpost by national organization for internationalization in the Netherlands Nuffic.
  • De potentie van Luistertaal in onderwijs, professionalisering en samenwerkingsverbanden: A description of opportunities for the use and professionalization of Lingua Receptiva. A publication by the Taalunie, an organization for promotion of the Dutch language.
  • Podcast in English about and with multilingual children Kletsheads welcomed Ellen-Rose Kambel and Erika Hoff about the Language Friendly School and bilingual development.
  • Podcast in Dutch about and with multilingual children Kletsheads welcomed Ellen-Rose Kambel and Orhan Agirdag to discuss multilingualism, school success and the Language Friendly School.
  • Thesis for the teacher academy about a language school for newcomers and its language friendliness: Van taalschool naar taalvriendelijke school (2021).
  • Clinica Babilonica (2021) Is jouw school al taalvriendelijk (genoeg)? [is your school already language friendly (enough)? is a post on a blog for parents about multilingualism in the Netherlands.
  • Auger, N. & Le Pichon, E. (2021). Défis et richesses des classes multilingues : Construire des ponts entre les cultures. [Challenges and opportunities of multilingual classrooms: Building bridges between cultures]. Coll. “Pédagogies” ESF Sciences Humaines
  • The Language Friendly Roadmap is featured and described in a book titled: Powerful Practices for Supporting English Learners: Elevating Diverse Assets and Identities (2021)
  • In the Volkskrant, Dutch daily paper, this Letter of the Day appeared: Kinderen die hun voorkeurstalen bij het leren mogen inzetten kunnen juist hun volledige taalreservoir en leerpotentieel benutten (Froukje Hoobroeckx & Ellen-Rose Kambel, 2021).
    LinkedIn article by Ellen-Rose Kambel: Enes is meertalig en voor straf mag hij een bladzijde uit een woordenboek overschrijven [Enes is multilingual and he has to write a page from a dictionary as punishment] (2020).
  • Language Friendly Pedagogy and Children’s Well-Being. The Language Friendly School was highlighted as a top ten leading innovation in bilingual education by This article serves as a celebration of the International Mother Language Day (; 2021).
  • Multilingualism is wealth, not a problem: a blogpost by the school board of De Dubbeldekker. De Dubbeldekker verkrijgt predicaat Taalvriendelijke School. (in Dutch; 2021)
  • De Dubbeldekker’s celebration of becoming a Language Friendly School was featured in the local newspaper: ‘The use of mother tongues will never be prohibited again at our school” (in Dutch; 2021).

2019 – 2020
– Dutch teachers get to grips with multilingualism. This article reports on an online event by Heritage Languae Schools Eindhoven and a few Language Friendly Schools in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Taal is echt hun ding (Language is actually their thing) is an article in the Dutch education journal Didaktief (2020).

– Kambel, E.-R. & Le Pichon, E. (2020). Kieliystävällinen koulu [Language friendly school]. In J. Alisaari, E. Jäppinen, N. Kekki, R. Kivimäki, S. Kivipelto, K. Kuusento, E. Lehtinen, A. Raunio, E. Repo, S. Sissonen, M. Tyrer & H. Vigren Kielestä koppi – Op

-School Education Gateway published a blogpost titled No learning without understanding: plurilingual practices in the classroom (2020).

Hurwitz & Kambel (2020) Redressing language-based exclusion and punishment in education and the Language Friendly School initiative.

– Le Pichon, Siarova & Szonyi (2020). The Future of Language Education in Europe: Case-studies of innovative practices. NESET II report, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

– Ellen-Rose Kambel was interviewed for Dutch national radio on the topic of ethnic and cultural differences in education. (NPO Radio 1, 22 July 2020)

– The Language Friendly School at SALTO-School Floralaan is captured in a video and an article by local newsoutlet Studio 040 (2020).

– A Language Friendly Sauce. An article about the St. Janschool in the Dutch journal on education Didaktief (2020).

Meertaligheid in het basisonderwijs– SLO Research Report on the integration of multilingual didactics in primary education, according to the project. (in Dutch; 2020)

– Principal Arabella Ganzeman of SALTO-school Floralaan writes about the Language Friendly School in a Dutch blogpost on (2020)

– Multilingualism and home languages in newcomers’ classes in secondary education. A comparison between DENISE and Kopklas Amsterdam. (Dutch Bachelor Thesis; Lijntje Nijkamp, 2020)

– The Language Friendly School as explained by Optimist International School in The Holland Times (2020).

– St. Jan as the first Language Friendly School in the Netherlands (ASKO blogpost in Dutch, 2019)