Join the Language Friendly School

A label and a network of schools

Once your school has completed the onboarding process, you will have two years to create a Language Friendly School plan for your school, together with your entire team, students, parents and community. During this time you will receive support by connecting with other Language Friendly Schools. By sharing good practices, teachers can be inspired to take the next step forward.


A step by step guide

  • Assessment of the situation

    The school assesses together with their entire team what they are already doing and explores the ambitions of becoming (more) language friendly. The Roadmap can prove to be helpful during this stage.

  • Registration

    By completing the registration form, your school starts the formal onboarding process. The team at the Language Friendly School reviews the information provided by you. Register here

  • Involving School Leadership

    After the review, the Language Friendly School Team plans a meeting with the principal, headmaster or school leader.

  • Commitment

    The school commits in writing to the basic requirements. There is a fee involved.

  • Your school is a Language Friendly School!

    The school receives a certificate, can use the label and has access to the online platform. The plans of the school are discussed in an intake meeting with the coordinator.