Meet the team


Dr. Ellen-Rose Kambel
Rutu Foundation


Dr. Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman
University of Toronto

LFS Team

Hilda Heyde
Programme Officer Language Friendly School


Prof. Jim Cummins
University of Toronto, Canada


PH Wien
The PH Wien manages the voXmi-network. In partnership, we carried out the LERI project. For the language friendly lesson plans and other outcomes, have a look

Heritage Language Network Eindhoven brings together heritage language schools and other organizations celebrating mother languages in the southern region of the Netherlands.

The Roadmap to welcoming all languages

Our Roadmap shows what Language Friendly Schools commit to. The first section shows the basic requirements of becoming a Language Friendly School. The Roadmap also provides ideas for activities as a school and in the classroom. These are all optional.

In the onboarding process of becoming a Language Friendly School, this Roadmap can prove to be helpful. The  Roadmap is reviewed by the school's entire team. Parents and children may be involved here. The school determines if the first requirements are met, which activities of the school level or classroom level the school is already doing, and which activities the school plans on doing the next year.

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