Language Friendly Subject Lessons

Hilda HeydeNews

Thursday 11 May 2023: 17:00 – 18.30 (CEST) 

Location: Online 

The Language Friendly School, together with voXmi will host the next LERI webinar. This online events will showcase the language friendly subject lessons developed by teachers. During the LERI project teachers from both networks developed, through peer-learning, lessons for their peers to teach to students aged 10-14. This webinar will take place on Thursday 11 May from 17.00-18.30 (CEST).

This webinar is part 2 of 3 in which the lesson plans are featured. Stay tuned for the online launch of the language friendly lesson plans and the videos that the teachers created, or join us on Thursday!

The webinars are an opportunity for all teachers to learn about a range of language friendly lessons and how they can be adapted to any classroom. This webinar will include a 7-10 minute presentation from four participating teachers in English followed by a Q&A held also in English. Recordings will be made available afterwards with subtitles in other languages.  

Led by the Rutu Foundation in partnership with the University College of Teacher Education of Vienna (PH Wien), LERI is a peer learning initiative that seeks to strengthen cultural and language inclusion in schools across the LFS and voXmi networks. LERI stands for ‘Learning, teaching, Experiencing and Reflecting on Inclusion’. Language-friendly teaching means an encounter of all languages in awareness of social and historical relationships. The word ‘leri’ means teaching and learning in Sranan, the creole lingua franca of Suriname, a former Dutch colony where the Rutu Foundation was founded. LERI reminds us of our European colonial history which contribute to the present cultural enrichment of Europe’s schools.  

Register here to secure your place today! We hope to welcome you on the 11th of May.