When you are part of a Language Friendly School, you will have access to our exclusive member page. Do you want to know how? The videos below explain how to access the page and use its features.

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How to access the member page

How to navigate the Toolkit

How to navigate the LFS Padlet

How to make and share your own Language Friendly Roadmap in four simple steps

Step 1: Sign up to Padlet
If you don't have a padlet account yet, go to and make your own (free) padlet account.

Step 2: Remake this padlet
On this Language Friendly School Activities padlet wall: click 'Remake' (upper right corner).

Step 3: Adapt and create new posts
Feel free to leave the activities you like on your own wall and add your own language friendly activities. You can be as creative as you like. 

Instructions on how to create a Padlet can be found here.

Step 4: Share your Language Friendly School Wall
Share your wall with the LFS network! You can send an email with the padlet-link to

Instructions on how to share your padlet.

How to navigate the Zotero LFS library

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